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The Elephants

Little Hill

Alli Warren

The Sissy Goes for a Swim

Amanda K. Davidson

Wing / Body / Wing

Jake Kennedy

It's in the Future: Five Contemporary Female Poets in Argentina

Alexis Almeida, Editor


Sarah Dowling

Native Genius

Sho Sugita

Time Theft: A Love Story

Jasmine Gibson & Madison Van Oort

The Soft Abyss

Ted Rees


Andrew Zawacki


Christopher Rey Pérez

Sublime: Lost Words

Juliane Okot Bitek

Some Animals and Their Housing Situations

Helen Guri

The Bacchae: Book 11

Brandon Downing


Judith Goldman

Aphorism Counter [accidents—dementia scans—for Pops]

Erín Moure

Smokepenny Lyrichord Heavenbred: Two Acts

Jennifer Scappettone

Lanterns at Guantanamo + we are not citizens / we are magicians

Jordan Scott