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The Elephants

The Sissy Goes for a Swim

Amanda K. Davidson

Published January 29, 2018


You’re watching a movie about a person who takes moderate doses of psycho-pharmaceuticals and suffers no adverse sexual side effects!

Now you’re watching a movie about someone who, when they were on that trip, only cuddled with the person at the hostel because they missed you, and also the pot was laced with something, angel dust they think.

In this movie, the person remembers to look at the anger management index card in their wallet instead of doing that again.

And, action: The clown runs along the beach, scaring all the deer off the end of the boardwalk and back into their mothers’ wombs, scaring the ticks back into their egg sacks, scaring the forests back over the suburbs, scaring the rashes back inside of people’s skin, scaring the timeline into admitting it’s not even a line, it’s more like a crazy squiggle with all these tangles and loops, the end.