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The Elephants

Freedom & Prostitution

Cassandra Troyan

Shipments and downloads available Sept 1, 2020

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Cassandra Troyan is a writer and researcher whose work explores the intersections of gendered violence, radical histories of resistance, sex work, and capital. They are the author of several books and chapbooks of poetry, most recently KILL MANUAL (Artifice Books, 2014) and A Theory in Tears (Kenning Editions, 2016), and have presented, performed, or screened their work widely. They live in southern Sweden and teach creative/critical writing practices in the Department of Design at Linnaeus University.

from Freedom & Prostitution:

The trick of every public face
Every media image
Every death, a statistic
Every execution, a spectacle
A list of names on a wall without faces
Instead, the work of sabotage
Every smile, a cover-up
Every kiss, in collusion
Every girlfriend, a sleeper