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The Elephants

The Bacchae: Book 11

Brandon Downing

Published April 8, 2018


Brandon Downing’s collections of poetry include The Shirt Weapon, Dark Brandon, AT ME and Mellow Actions. A monograph of his literary collages from 1996 to 2008, Lake Antiquity, was released by Fence Books in 2009. In 2007 he released a feature-length collection of short digital films, Dark Brandon: Eternal Classics. He lives in New York City.

We did day trips out to Passages when we were in the Caymans,
But it didn’t stick, I guess I’d say? We’d have a vodka and Lipton
Then drive away. They claim that tea was gifted to man by

The Goddess Minerva, an old hag goddess with a face of lava,
Filling up the outdoor bathtub and staring angrily at the sky.
My killer neighbors...are starting to get sloppy.
They’re air-drying shirts with prominent hole patterns in the back
On the wash-line, it’s some presentation. I’m stomping around

So hard the whole train community can hear it,

Vintage cheerleaders pour out of the fissures in the wrecked station walls.
All I’ve got is my M-84, a vodka box full of ash grenades, and Dad’s friends.
My little breasts are pointing pathetically outward. They make zero sense.
We went with the kinetic zirconia – it just sounded better, I thought.

Well. I thought terrible.