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The Elephants

Some Animals and Their Housing Situations

Helen Guri

Published March 25, 2018


Helen Guri is the author of Match, shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry, as well as two chapbooks: Here Come the Waterworks and Microphone Lessons for Poets. Her lyric essays have been published internationally, in English and in Japanese translation. A first-generation settler, she lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal), unceded Indigenous land.

Nov. 30, in the year the St. Helena Giant Earwig was declared extinct

I had expected the bunny to be enormous, but it turned out to be only the regular size. I had confused the kind it was—Holland Lop—for another kind—Flemish—when I was googling, I guess because Holland and Belgium are so close together, if you are thinking about distance from a certain perspective, as a rabbit never would.

Flemish rabbits, also known as Flemish Giants, are the size of sheepdogs, fat children, but taller, longer when stretched out, and I imagined the bunny would lie next to me in bed like a softer, sweatless, riskier version of my ex with a heart rate up to 325 beats per minute.

The bunny’s name is Frog, and he is the size of a boxing glove with ears.