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The Elephants

Aphorism Counter [accidents—dementia scans—for Pops]

Erín Moure

Published April 18, 2018


ERÍN MOURE has published over forty books of poetry, essays, memoir, translations, and co-translations—mostly from French, Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese, with one co-translation (with Roman Ivashkiv) from Ukrainian into English. Her latest books are Planetary Noise: Selected Poetry of Erín Moure (Wesleyan University Press 2017, ed. Shannon Maguire), Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue, by Toots (New Star Books 2017), and her Frenglish translation of Wilson Bueno’s Paraguayan Sea (Nightboat Books 2017). Aphorism counter [accidents—dementia scans—for Pops] is from e Elements, scheduled to appear from Anansi in 2019.

What we were to know is thus uninterpretable (for interpreters interpret from a single idiom to another singularity, obscuring the very deformations in thinking’s membrane that are polylingually plastic across linguistic competencies and which make thinking thinking).

To arrive at this metabolic urgency: Namloz* (yes, Derridean, you disdreamers), the Nameless, those buracos or holes in the skull that metabolize in my dad as “a silent deterritorialization,” so that “all presence,” welled up, dear Papy, is “a trickle of fear.”