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The Elephants


Helen Guri


Nov. 30, in the year the St. Helena Giant Earwig was declared extinct

I had expected the bunny to be enormous, but it turned out to be only the regular size. I had confused the kind it was—Holland Lop—for another kind—Flemish—when I was googling, I guess because Holland and Belgium are so close together, if you are thinking about distance from a certain perspective, as a rabbit never would.

Flemish rabbits, also known as Flemish Giants, are the size of sheepdogs, fat children, but taller, longer when stretched out, and I imagined the bunny would lie next to me in bed like a softer, sweatless, riskier version of my ex with a heart rate up to 325 beats per minute.

The bunny’s name is Frog, and he is the size of a boxing glove with ears.